Dad martyred, son in uniform; a funeral that’s awoken India, Pak ‘Qayamat’ is coming | Nation At 9

Stormed at with shot and shell, while horse and hero fell, they that had fought so well…wrote Tennyson about the charge of the light brigade. The son of Honorary Lieutenant Madan Lal Chaudhary, saluting the body of his slain father, himself in uniform. He stood today at the cremation, holding his wailing mother, a weeping grandmother. Maintaining absolute composure. The salute he held, what he was feeling we can’t even begin to imagine. Four others died with his father. Another CRPF man was killed today. Yes, Pakistan is being made to pay. We’re hammering the bejeebers out of them on the Line of Control (LoC). They can’t record the dead because the beasts they unleash they don’t acknowledge. The Indian Army has estimated at least 200 terrorists have been killed in the past year.

So as the young boy of Lt Madan Lal goes back to serve the country in whose defence the family has paid the ultimate price, what do we tell him tonight? In July 1972, an infamous man came to the then quiet hill town of Shimla. His name was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. India had just crushed Pakistan’s arms, Lahore was surrounded. Dhaka had been reached in less than 3 weeks. East Pakistan had been thrown into the dustbin of history, Niazi’s rape army was humiliated and 100,000 Pakistani pows were in India. Yet the LoC question was not resolved. The story goes, not unbelievable, that Bhutto told Indira that if he signed over Kashmir to India, he would go back and be shot as a traitor and whatever agreement reached would be torn up. Bhutto was killed by the army anyway, only a little while later. Today, they’re still killing Indians. The more that die, our politicians think that’s a cause to play into Pakistan’s hands and restart talks. Reward Pakistan for its inhuman terror. We don’t negotiate with terrorists should be famously the line now, even though what happened in Kandahar showed the world that actually we did.
So what then do we tell the young jawan Chaudhary, how do we make him feel that his father’s death not only will be remembered but not be in vain?

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