From Naresh Agarwal To Narayan Rane: Has BJP Scored A Self Goal?

The BJP calls itself the party with a difference. It came to power with a resounding majority with the hope that their politics would be different. But when it comes to political expediency, they haven’t hesitated in taking just about anyone and everyone from other parties. Some may say that’s the reality of India politics, but others question whether the BJP is taking a beating on the image front as a result. So people like the Samajwadi Party’s Naresh Agrawal are welcomed with open arms with a union minister by his side as he makes a crude, mysoginitic remark about Jaya Bachchan. Naresh Agrawal, in fact, has now been in every major political party. In the past he has called Kulbhushan Jadhav a terrorist, linked Hindu gods to alcohol among other things. Then there is Narayan Rane. The ex-Congress leader until literally months ago was being accused by a BJP MP of corruption and money laundering a few years ago. Narayan Rane even said PM Narendra Modi is a person without humanity. So why are these people in the BJP? Is this smart politics? Or is this is a self goal by the ruling party?

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