Politics Pushing India Into Mob Rule?

Politics Pushing India Into Mob Rule?
A few days after the Supreme Court expressed concern over the increasing cases of mob killings across the country saying Mobocracy cannot take over, and asking the parliament to frame a law to deal with mob violence comes the news that a 28-year-old man, Rakbar Khan has been lynched on the suspicion of cow smuggling in Alwar in Rajasthan where last year another man, Pehlu Khan was beaten by cow vigilantes and died. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said in Parliament that it’s for the states to tackle lynching incidents and then referred to 1984 Anti-Sikh riots as the biggest case of lynching something that was echoed by another minster today who said as PM Narendra Modi’s popularity increases more such incidents will come to light. Tonight on Left Right and Centre we ask, is politics pushing India into mob rule?

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